How To Improve Your Website

how to improve your website
How to improve your website is a big question mark???????. Today’s world is a different world for the business and specifically for the marketing part of the business. The advertising characteristic has been shifted towards the internet platform from the old traditional methods of television and magazine marketing. Because of this change, internet has become the new home for the business marketing with tuff competition to stand upright. In today’s world, just having a web-site for your business is not enough. There is a big question “how to improve your website“. There is a tough competition out there to attract the internet based customer into their business. That is why you need to place your web-site in such a position that you can add value to your business. Here the term SEO comes out and to learn what are the benefits of SEO, I would recommend you to take a look to my other article, benefits of SEO.

Especially, the existence of google has changed the world of the search engine. There are many websites and blogs indexed on the google. This raises a question how google rank those websites or how to improve your website ranking for a particular keywords. There are different factors, how google ranks the website to its page according to the particular keyword that is searched by the user in the search engine. When you search the keyword google shows results according to what google thinks the content in a particular page is most relevant to the keyword that has been searched. This raises a question how u tell google that my page/website contains the best content for the particular keyword that has been searched???

Here is the answer to that question, google and other search engines like bing/yahoo selects a particular page for a particular content that has been searched based on different factors that I will be discussing though a series of article.  Now it’s time you have to know about the search engine optimization, in short SEO. Seo has played a great role in the marketing/advertizing sector in this dynamic world. Every business wants their website to be ranked high by the search engines for the particular keyword that is most relevant to their business and are searching the answer for the question how to improve your website ranking. Being on first page of the google is what every business wants to be in. There is a choice to seo to be seen on the first page for the particular keyword by opting to the google adwords where you have to pay bucks to the google. In this particular article I am not interested in talking about the topic “google adwords”.

I am going to lay out several articles relevant to the SEO in this particular section of my blog. I am going to upload a series of articles, step-by-step, which will hopefully fulfill your seo needs. So if you are not yet subscribed to my blog, then I shall suggest you to subscribe to my blog so that you wouldn’t be missing any topic relevant to seo tutorial. I will be covering several tutorials to this particular category according to the hierarchy listed below:

·         SEO Starts Before A Website/Blog
·         Proper Topic Selection
·         Keyword Research (Relevant Tools)
·         Domain Name Selection.
·         On-page SEO ( Covers A Wide Range)
·         Off-page SEO (Covers A Wide Range)
·         Extra Tutorials That Seems as Relevant.

Hope you will get most out from my article and find out how to improve your website. Best of luck, happy learning.

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