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Hello fellows, are you here to get some bucks out of the internet, oh yes, you can make $5-$10 per day and guess what it will cost, ITS NOTHING.  Many of you guys were waiting since some time, to get this article on extra ways to make money.  Internet is a huge place it’s like an ocean where many of the people are earning money, you don’t even know how. In this particular article I am going to mention some extra ways to make money online.

Since from the beginning I was focused on writing about one particular way that I came across through research and it’s quite a fun in starting the job. So this is it, I am going to mention some of the extra ways to make money through my different article so I would like you to subscribe my blog and like my fb page to get updated. In this article I will focus on one particular way that I guess will pay you some buck.

how to make cash online easily

To start with extra ways to make money,  I would like to make familiar to you about the term adfly. You might have come across that you are trying to download something then some page comes on and you have to wait for like 5 sec. to skip that page and go to the main link. Yeah, addfly is an advertising company and that 5 sec you wait for is to display the advertisement and then you will be redirected to the main page(when you click on the skip button). If you don’t ever encountered this issue then just leave it, you don’t have to know this either. Basically, you should know that adfly is an advertising company, which charges the advertisers and pays to its partner i.e. what you will be within some moment

Now let’s start, I recommend you to go article step by step, so that you can easily learn what’s the process is:

1) Go here:Sign upwith adfly
Note:- You will see a website that will pop up on other tab. I mean at the top of the website you see banner of adfly and timer of 5 sec when the timer stops you can see the skip button, you will then be redirected to the adfly page.

2) Register by clicking "Join NOW". I recommend you to register from your email address.

3) Fill in the required information

4) After you join in you can choose any link that you want to shorten like www.google.com or www.yourname.com or you can copy link of the page what you like like here's the link of my other page which is long but when you place it to the box  U can try this link copy the this link below and paste it to the box in your adfly home page.( http://a-complete-blog.blogspot.com/2015/08/keyword-planner-and-its-use-in-adfly-to.html). Paste it in the box where you will see http://. See the picture

Then you click shirnk, Boom you will get that link shorter. And with this link you can earn money. People will click the link and click the skip button after 5 second you will earn. You can make as many shorten link as you like and post it to anywhere like facebook, twitter etc.

5) Press copy and paste the link somewhere where people will click it

When people will click to your "adf.ly url" then they will be redirected to the new page where adf.ly which is tha adf.ly advert page and when they click Skip button, you will earn money (Didn't get what i have said, don't worry you will get that, i have an example for you below, keep on reading the article). The more clicks the more money. You must NOT click on your own links more than once. You earn money when people click on your Adf.ly link

These are the simple steps you need to follow, now you may ask how is this an extra ways to make money.Join some public discussion forums I am not elaborating it hope, you know what is forum, forum is a place where people discuss about various things.

     Here is the trick, I have researched that the amount you will get per valid click from USA, Canada and other European countries are greater than the amount you will get per valid click from developing countries. Per valid click from Uk was 0.005$, that was with my own account.

            Join forums where there are high member. There are many big discussion forums out there from where you can boost your income but you need to be careful, spamming you link in the high rated forum may lead to you, your account suspension. So, while commenting on forum, be friendly and write a good comment so that moderators will not think that he is spamming. You can search forums at google.com as well: like linkin park discussion forums, celebrity discussion forum etc.

·        For the example: check this link http://adf.ly/1LXCKH . You will see a window with Adfly add Click skip after 5 second, you will see an interesting pic. For this particular pic If I have to promote it, I should do it like “ check this comic pic covering song In the end by Linkin Park” and then paste the link, to your facebook page, twitter, or many forums you have joined.

You can type any name or anything and then check how much the actual keyword or phrase that people search .

Here is an tutorial for you : how you can use keyword tool to earn money from adf.ly
Keyword planner tool can give you guideline that can help BUT The main thing is that you should think from the perspective of user (people) who will click those link they must be motivated to see what you are offering, the url your are shrinking or I mean url that you are planning to make short with adfly should be catchy with latest or catchy  news or wonderful article or nice picture anything that you think will attract the user to click the link that you have provided and the supporting text that you will write next to the link to your adfly urls should be catchy that people would like to click that link to get what you are offering like you might say the best photograph which will make them click the link that your are submitting. Write something which is catchy and please don’t spam like writing text about one thing and delivering other thing.


You can create as many urls as you want, mean you can shrink as many Url as you want and please choose the right forum or discussion page to post on your new adfly url so that there is high possibility of the link being clicked.

I have researched, that for valid click from Uk, i have got like 0.005$, for 200 valid clicks from Uk, you will get $1, you can see your earning right on your adfly profile, You can see how many clicks your particular adfly url has got and what amount is credited to your account. So in whatever ways, try focusing your effort to raise clicks from USA, UK, Australia and other many developing countries.

If you wish to check the rate details you can check that from adfly website, but from my personal experience, I have got 0.005$ per valid click which means you get $1 when you will make 200 valid clicks from Uk. You can research by yourself, checking from your adfly home page. So join groups from such countries, research yourself how you can get more clicks.

Another way to earn money on “extra ways to make money”, is referral income, you can invite your family and friend to join addfly from your referral link like mine is http://adf.ly/?id=10737953. Send them your own referral link to your family or friends, you can even shrink your referral id so you can earn money instantly for that valid click they will sign up their account and oh yes you can boost your income handsomely yeah you can boost your income by referral income that’s what I am doing. You can get more information about the referral link and the payment under the referral tab.

And oh yes i forgot, one of our reader has asked me about the payment or like Is this site a scam like others?, This is not a scam, If this was a scam I wouldn’t have focused much on writing this article to boost my referral income .You will be able to take out your income on a daily basis from paypal or pioneer mastercard. If you don’t know how to make a paypal account that will work, means that can be used to receive money (note: paypal doesn’t supports receiving money in some countries and it doesn’t supports sending money to some)since, paypal made from Nepal can only be used for payment. But there is a way that you can make your paypal account that can be used to receive money. I will help you with this but first of all you need to start. And the other thing I want to let you know, for the first month you cannot withdraw your money on a daily basis but from the second month you can withdraw on a daily basis as soon as your account balance reaches $5.

extra ways to make money

If you do have some question regarding this "extra ways to make money" article or you don’t understand anything then you can always leave me message under the comment box. I will help you to clarify any issues regarding this topic. Don't forger to subscribe, follow and like so that you don't miss articles like this in future.Lastly, think about more than 2000 valid click from USA, UK etc from your adfly url, you will be able to make $10 a day and think about the referral income as well.

Thank you.

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