How To Make Money Blogging From Your Free Bloggers Account

How To Make Money By Blogging

how-to-make-money-bloggingHello fellows, I was roaming around the internet and don’t know how I came into the mood to throw in some useful  money-earning-tips, basically this particular article will focus on how to make money blogging for free and note these tips and the passive money making formula will not cost you guys anything. So it’s totally a win-win situation for your guys. I have my other article which too is focusing on make money blogging online but in this article I am going to cover several aspects regarding the topic how to make money blogging.

Making money is platform which not a piece of cake that you grab, eat and then automatically you start growing money from your stomach LOL. Mind it, it’s a mind game and you have to give much and much time to flourish the system so you can earn decent money by blogging.  If you are not a guy with patience and who will not give much of his effort then this article is a total waste for you, you can click on the close button in order not to waste your time. Note you are not going to make million over night with this way but I can guarantee you can see some earning within some months if properly executed and it’s all total free. I know you are thinking how to make money blogging, I will give you some tips regarding this mind-freak topic, how to make money blogging.

Let’s begin, what is a blog??? Search google LOL, don’t worry I am doing it for you. A blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. You want this in easy English?? Blogging is what I am doing like I am writing this article to put on my blog. Thus blogging is writing something you want to write in a website/blog. You can write about any sector which you are good at, you can write some tutorials , you can write about some places with solid pictures, you can write virtually anything. So, How to make money blogging?? You can make money by blogging through various ways, I am going to list some of them in this article.

How to create a blog

Before learning how to make money blogging, you must know how to create a blog. Because if you don’t know how to create a blog then how in earth you can make money by blogging, Right??? Now, the thing starts here, you can get a solid .com or .net domain with good hosting servers there are many of then you can search for them but obviously they will charge money in order to provide you a domain name. That will be approximately $10-$15 per domain. Hosting your account will charge some, for your first year many of the hosting companies provide free domain with cheap hosting service then in later years, they will obviously increase their rate. Oh Sorry, I forgot you guys are not interested in expensing any money. Right? So here’s the deal, there are several websites that will provide you a free domain/sub-domain. Go to www.bloggers.com  and create your blogger account with your gmail id. Inside your blogger account you can create your blog, you should know it by yourself coz it is simple. You can create a blog title, if you want to make your new blog title as how- to-make-money-blogging. Then you can get you website URL as http://www.how-to-make-money-blogging.blogspot.com, it’s simple.


Create posts on your blog

Now you must start creating post on your blog, means you need to write blog post just like I am writing this, you can get several youtube videos regarding starting with the blogspot blog. I recommend you guys to look at some videos regarding starting with blogspot blog in addition to following my article. You can start posting on the blog, each of the post on your blog will have its unique URL.

Choose a good template

You should have to choose a handsome template with good navigation. Mean the template should provide a good navigation which will help people coming to your blog/website a sound platform to navigate through your blog contents. Basically, Bloggers template are not SEO friendly so you need to do some SEO work on your template which I will be covering under different article. Meanwhile you can check out what is mean by SEO and several more aspects of SEO in a different article inside my blog which is under the SEO section. I recommend you to read both of my articles which will give you some knowledge about SEO.

Make your content Unique:

If you are posting a blog about health niche, then you should search on google and then copy some content from there and then past it to your blog LOL. I was just joking don’t ever do that, unique content is the king to the traffic means if you content is good and unique people will like that and so do the search engine. If your content is good then you can get a lot of traffic which will eventually give a positive answer on how to make money blogging. That means you can get sound income with much traffic on your blog.

Monetize you blog

Now here is the interesting part on how to make money blogging. I guess from the start of the article you are waiting for this part, you were thinking like oh gosh, he is talking and talking but not revealing any secrets on how to make money blogging lol. You can make money by selling advertisement as a publisher, if you website is very popular with your niche, advertiser from your niche will contact you to put adverts on your website. That is for the long run……. For this your website should have enormous traffic, you can think about that in future.

There is another way of generating money by publishing adverts on your website this time you will not be contacted directly but you should held partnership with several companies which will list adverts to your website and pays up to 75% of the amount, they charge from the advertisers, to pay you. They may pay either for on view basis or cost per click basis or both. Means if someone clicks on the adverts in your website you will get almost 75% of the revenue they charge to the advertiser. There are many such companies in which Google Adsense, which is a program run by google, seems to be the best one.  You may wish to check out my other small article Make money blogging online. Though there are much more alternatives to adsense, adsense has got the high amount of diverse adverts all around the world with good pay rate. But it is hard to get approval in adsense, you need to fulfill so many of the requirements and even if you get approved with the adsense, you don’t know how long are you going to stand with adsense coz adsense, under their policy, if they find you are not complying to their criteria, your adsense account will get banned and it is so hard to get you account re-instate once being banned.

Monetize with Infolinks

I guess this article “how to make money blogging” is going big. But things are things, I need to give you the information so I am continuing it. One of the many of such partner companies, I would like to mention is Infolinks. Why I mentioned Infolinks???? Because it is easy to setup and approval process is fast. You don’t even need tons of post to get approved, all you need is some good quality article and good navigation so that you can get the approval, my blog was approved within some hours and you can get the same result.
With many of the companies there are both Pros and Cons, it is similar with this company as well.

referral-income infolinks


  •          You don’t need too much articles to start with as in relation to the adsense and many other platforms.
  •          The sign up process is totally free, and I know this is what you are looking for right? Lol
  •          Approval process is fast enough, Adsense takes upto a week but infolinks takes upto 2 days. Note: mine got approved with some hours.
  •          Pay rate is quite handsome, I guess it pays 75% of the advertisement value to its publisher (that may be you).
  •          Payment option is flexible, once you reach $50 you can request payment from paypal, Infolinks facilitates the other option of payment too.
  •          There are other ways of earning with infolinks, you can earn through their referral process, For example, if I drive you to the infolinks and you sign up and integrate their adverts in your blog/website, I will earn some and entering in the referral agreement with infolink you can earn as well by referring peoples.
  •          If you are getting traffic (visitors) from US, Canada and European countries then your payment rate is handsome.
  •          You can sign up from your facebook account.

Now let’s talk about the Cons

  •          The big disappointment is they lacks specific content advert, means, they are not equipped with diversified adverts as in comparison to the google adsense.
  •          If you get visitors from Asian countries, your visitors will not see diversified advert, there are not much diversified adverts like it is when you visitors are overseas.

you can make money by putting in adverts to your web and reffering

These are simple things from which you can start with, in your long way to how to make money blogging, you can link in with infolinks to the period your website/blog contains not much of a posts and then can go with adsense, if approved, I guess you go with infolinks again along with the adsense but be sure to remove the adverts of infolinks from you webpage when you are applying for the adsense because adsense mgmt. don’t like the adverts of others’ going around with the applicant’s blog. You can take out the code of infolinks and submit for the adsense and once approved from the adsense, I guess you can reinstate your infolinks adverts to your blog.


In this article, “how to make money blogging”, I am going to give you some more tips regarding making money blogging. After having a start with placing adverts in your website you make wish to know about the affiliate marketing. Check my article on affiliate marketing, Reasons you might consider affiliate marketing.

There are many such sites from which you can start your affiliate carrier like amazon, clickbanks, ebay and several more. You can tie in products from these platforms with niche of your blog, i.e. what specifically you are writing about. Then promote your blog and if visitors from your blog ultimately buy some products from their business page then you can earn a handsome commission for each sale you refer.

It’s like a starting article on how to make money blogging, I shall cover some dept with affiliate marketing and SEO for your blogspot blog, First thing first, First of all create a blog for free and then post some solid content, I shall, after sometime, come with those articles which will help you to boost your blog. So I recommend you not to miss my blog posts on those topics. To do this please subscribe to my blog, you will get an email whenever I post a new article so that you won’t miss any of them and keep visiting my blog.

The last thing, if you like this article on how to make money blogging, then I will truly appreciate if you share this article with your family and friends with any of the social media platform. I have written such a long post and i guess, you can make that small effort from your side as well. Thank you.

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