Generate More Traffic- Including Meta Description to blog post

How To Include Search Description On your Individual Blog Post

Today i am going to teach you how you can get more traffic by placing in meta description to your blog post :). Meta description is a search description to your individual blog post.When search engine list your blog/website to in a particular search, below your title and permalink they will include this description to enable users to find what they are searching for. So place your keywords in the search description in such a way that your blog will get every chance to be in the search result if particular keywords are searched. Obvioulsy its very hard to come to the 1st page of the google but at least you will increase your chance and this obviously will increase your search engine rating.

Go to your blog post and click edit,you don't see any tab where you can place search description of the post..... no let's move to create the one....

Steps to include search description to your blog post

Step 1. Login to your blogger and go to the individual blog:)

Step 2. Go to settings

Step 3. Then go to search preferences.

Step 4. At the beginning of the page there is a item called Metal tags,Make that enable and enter your blog's meta description(search description).you should enter what your blog is about and what are you covering in your blog.Basically give search engine a description, what your blog is covering. And save the changes

Step 5. Now go to your blog post and see you should find and extra item called search description which was  never there at first. Now this is a place to enter your individual blog post description so that the search engine and people will know what your post is all about. When people see your blogpost through search engine that is when your blog is visible, below the permalink( your blog post's url) they will see this description.

You should be reminded:- Please don't put characters more than 150 in the box which includes "space" and other characters. For eg. If your search description is "This is a blog covering SEO". Then the no. of characters will be 27 without including this :--> ".

It will take someday by search engines to show your manual description along with the title and url.

Note: if you don't enter the search description, search engine automatically put some of the text, basically i guess the starting text  of your particular blog post.
By entering your custom description you have your chance to let people know what your blog post is all about.

Watch Video Tutorial

In this particular article, i tried to give you some tips regarding adding meta description to your blog. There are many things you need to consider to optimize your blog.Check out my other blogs for this :).

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