What Are Keywords, Keyword Research & Keyword Planning.

In this particular article “keyword, keyword research & keyword planning”,  I am going to lay out some necessary information about  what are keywords, how you can research keywords  and how you can plan your keywords according to your business need so that it can add value to your business. Before you can optimize your website you need to know the basics of seo and what are the benefits of seo. For this you may check my article on benefits of seo. Rather than jumping in the middle of the ocean you need plan your optimization process and initiate with a structured approach so that you know what you are doing and what you have to do. First process starts with finding the keywords.

What are keywords

Keywords are what people type in search engines that mean when a user want to buy a car or want to check the specification they simple type the like Toyota cars or even the model of Toyota cars which they are looking for or can add some other things like review of Toyota cars etc. Formal keyword research is a foundational piece in seo that helps you understand what people are typing in the search engines, how frequently they do it, how relevant those are to your business and how competitive those keywords are. For keyword research there are many tools available but the strong and free tool is powered by google adwords which is called keyword planner. To check on the article how to set-up and use keyword planner tool .I recommend you to check my previous article. Click here

Keyword Research

You need to have detail research process in order to optimize your keywords for your business. Without wasting a time I am moving on with an example. Let’s say, if you search keyword like car you can see results like the figure below.


Let’s say you have a business you sell “Used Card “. In the figure, If you try to optimize the word Car, obviously the search volume will be high and is the competition but keyword relevance will be quite low, why is this? Because there are many searches which follow car and if you try to optimize the word car you will be get high competition which makes it harder to find the first page of google and if you are just a start up then forget it. Another this your business, is second hand car buying and selling then a particular car is not a keyword having high relevance because under this, search engine may show results like car wash, pajero cars, there could be many niches with words car, So you may end up with untargeted traffic which is not relevant to your business and think about the competition, it will be huge.

Instead , for the same business, if you are selling second hand Toyota cars, then you can use keywords like” buy used blue Toyota 2010”, “buy used Toyota cars” etc. Thus, if you use keyword like this, obviously you won’t have high volume of search like one in the previous but people coming to you will be targeted to your product which can uplift your sales figure. You may link this with the sub-heading described below as "the use of long-tail-keywords".

Keyword Planning

It is time to talk about keyword planning. An effective keyword research plan involves having a sound structural approach that leads to the discovery of keywords that you can use in the content of your website. Ultimately a keyword research plan will give you keywords that you are going to use in the contents of your website that will give a bang for your buck. With billions of keywords searched each month, it is important that we should understand the goals of the keyword research process, what we are looking for and how we collect and analyse our data to make a decision of their use in our website.

Make it simple

The most important aspect of any marketing plan is to think from a perspective of a customer not from a perspective of a seller.  You should think from the mind of a customer. For example, let’s talk about a discount travel web-site, you might be tempted to write down keywords like: high value air transport, G76 eligible discount ticket. There will probably no one in the earth searching those keyword, your customers will simply be searching with more simple words like: cheap flight. So it will be better to target keywords like that. The more you understand how search engines decide to show up the results the more you understand how you get the search engines to show your content above the rest.

The Use of Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords in seo are incredibly useful, they let us go after a much larger amount of less competitive keywords that tend to be extremely relevant to our business objective.  For example I am selling  iphone-cases, then if I am going to target the “iphone-cases” it would be very hard for me to get on the first page of google because there will be high competition with that keyword. Alternatively, I could target for the descriptive keywords like “blue iphone cases”. I know what you are thinking, blue iphone cases will not entirely cover your business of iphone-cases with little amount of traffic volume. But what can you do is target other keywords like “red-iphone-cases”,” green-iphone-cases” etc.  Thus, you can get more targeted customers to your website and can rank your keyword high with less amount of competition than with the keyword “iphone-cases”. There is a tool called long tail pro you can try this software, it is a paid software but it is worth buying for, If you are serious with your seo campaign, you can add value to your business by using longtail pro for your seo campaign. For start-ups you may find it quite unaffordable but guess what, you will get 10 days of free trial sign up so you can try this software for 10 days for free and if you like the tools then you can purchase the software. Click here

0ngoing keyword evaluation

Ongoing keyword evaluation is critical to the long-term success of your seo efforts. And it is really the last step in a key word research cycle. Once we have set our keywords we need to evaluate regularly to see if those keywords are bringing in visitors to our websites and what percentage of them are actually converging to contribute our sales. We need to constantly monitor the performance of the keywords and their relevance, the keyword that is relevant now might not be relevant six months from now.


 By staying abrest of changes with fresh research and focusing on how your target keywords contribute to your website’s organic traffic and business objective you will be developing the better understanding of visitors, their search patterns and how you can serve them better with the pages of your site month after month and year after year.

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