(Video) How To Change Blog Post URL(Permalink)

Hello fellows, today I am going to teach you guys, how you can change your blog post’s permalink. Permalink is an important factor if you are thinking your blog post from SEO perspective, I am going to give you some tips regarding, how you can fully optimize your permalink but i shall cover that in another article, please stay update. In this particular tutorial I am going to focus on how you can change your permalink in order to customize your blog.

Change permalink of the old blog post

You can choose your permalink when you post a new blog post into your blog. But after clicking the publish button, that’s when your blog will get publish, if you want to customize your permalink because of your seo needs, you cannot simply change the blog post's permalink by clicking on to the permalink tab. I am going to guide you through this and yeah you can check out the video version of this if you wish to…..

Step 1. As always, Enter into your blog.

Step 2. Choose a blogpost of which you want to change the permalink and then click EDIT

Step 3.  Now, aside  of the "Update" button, which is in red, you should see something like. “revert                 to   draft”. Click that.

Step 4. Now go to the permalink, you can see, you can now change the permalink of your blog post.

Step 5. Change it, click done and then Publish it. Cheers.

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