How To make Money From Youtube In Nepal - Anywhere In The World

How To Monetize Youtube Account From Nepal - Anywhere In The World

In this particular tutorial I will talk about how you can monetize your youtube channel even if it says that your country is not listed for monetization or something like that. I have already recorded a video for this, so you can read this article and check the video so that you can understand what you have to do.
Let’s move on with this, step by step…..

Watch Video and Follow the Content

·         Open your youtube channel for which you are going to monetize. If you don’t have youtube channel yet just register to the youtube by gmail and create a channel…..

·         In order to create a new channel, you need to go “youtube settings” ::--àSee all my channels or create a new channel”. So by doing this you can Create a new channel.

·         Then  after doing this, again go to Settings--àAdditional Features”  there you will see your monetization is not green, it says like your country is not qualified for the program or something like that….leave that.

·         Check the left hand-side of the screen, Under Channel section go to :-àAdvance setting .
·         Now you will see your country information, change your country information, you can change that to United Kingdom or anywhere where monetization is allowed. Give your channel a name…. and then click Save.

·         Now, again under Channel section go to :-à”Status and Features”.  Now you can see there is a option to enable your Monetization.  Click enable:--àEnable my account. And follow the steps like ticking to youtube partners program and all.

·         In order to receive money from youtube you need to have Adsense account, if you already have adsense account then you can add youtube to the adsense account. If not then you have to create one.
·         Now, In order to link/create new adsense account , you should go to channel, “Status and Features” (there you should see your monetization tab in green, which mean your channel is now monetized) you should click “ View Monetization Settings” then, you should click…. “how will I be paid”, Then click: ” Associate an Adsense account” :--à click Next

·         If you already have adsense account you should login by that account, if you don’t have adsense account you can create with this gmail account for which you have your youtube account. Or you can create another gmail account for adsense.

·         I will go with signing in with the same account so I should click “Yes”, and then click “Accept Association”.  If you want to create another account for this then you should, click ”create another account” and then create another account then you should be redirected to the same process after you create your account.

·         Then fill in the sign up form, and please be reminded, this time you should give your true identity like name and other things, coz when you are eligible to withdraw money, google adsense will directly send money to your bank account. So don’t provide false information over here. Now you will be redirected to your youtube channel.

·         In order to check, your adsense setting go to Channel :-àStatus and Features. And check settings and all...... Or you can directly re-login to your adsense account  http://www.google.com/adsense.

·         Now start generating quality videos and uploading to your youtube channel, insert good title, quality description and relevant meta-tags so that people can get your video when they search something relevant about your video on youtube. How to generate more views like how to make youtube search engine  to list your video high when people search particular term  that is called “keyword” or “keyphrase” you should research on how you can optimize your youtube video. Meanwhile you can check my article on keyword, keyword research and keyword planning, This will give you some knowledge about keywords.

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